Ask Mark...cont.

...If you have a small carry-on and the jacket is too long – fold the jacket over a second time between the button nearest the waistline and the top of the inside chest pocket – a line where a fold will come out easily. For protection wrap your garments in a plastic dry-cleaning bag individually. A hanging garment bag is better than a conventional suitcase – but involves a little more effort – or you can do what I do – pack your clothing each piece separately layered in a plastic dry-cleaning bag – use a hanging garment bag and keep it open unfolded – when you get to the airport – tip the porter and have him put your garment bag in a long wardrobe box – hang them immediately when you get to your room – but that’s me.

Can I Wear a Patterned Dress Shirt or Tie with a Striped Navy-Blue or Gray Suit?

Absolutely – another mark of a well dressed man is the ability or willingness to mix patterns – the rule of thumb is to make sure the patterns are different in scale – the rule in the clothing business is “opposites” i.e. – striped suits – checked shirt – solid blazer – patterned trousers – patterned sport coat – solid trouser – or wide striped suit with a small-patterned check or window-pane shirt. I recommend reading the bible in the men’s clothing business – Alan Flusser’s latest book “Dressing the Man” – he devotes an entire chapter on pattern mixing.